Golden Prana Healing

Alison is Usui Reiki level I and II certified and a licensed massage therapist. Her specialties in massage include TMJ dysfunction, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular therapy, and Swedish massage.

Alison is originally from Richmond, Virginia and had lived in California for the last 10 years where she went to school to obtain a counseling certification working with those suffering from mental health and addiction, became certified in a very specific form of Pranayama Breathwork (worked with Breathworks Connection) and became a certified personal development/life coach.

Having studied and certified under the teachings of David Elliot (Breathwork training and certification in Los Angeles California), she has served multiple communities with over 9 years of life coaching/counseling experience and has conducted multiple Breathwork circles, community events, and workshops in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Palm Springs areas along with individual Breathwork sessions, corporate wellness staff trainings, and private events.

After receiving results (with Breathwork) that would shift the course of her life, Alison knew this was a path she wanted to intensely study, practice consistently, and share with everyone she would be in contact with. Her heart and passion are to work with those challenged by the web of addiction as she found the path to recovery November 30th, 2009.

She has enjoyed getting to witness accelerated healing benefits (mind, body, and spirit) in the lives she has brought this work to. She is a firm believer of providing a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for people to heal while empowering, celebrating, and encouraging those in her space to stand in their own, unique, genuine, expression and to experience a new level of freedom and release through the gifted healer of Breathwork.

Her mission is to live out being of maximum service in all communities she serves and is a true humanitarian for all walks of life.

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