Combined with a structured exercise routine, massage therapy can do wonders for how you experience movement in your body on a daily basis.

Massage therapy has a number of wonderful benefits to your health, fitness, and overall wellness. Massage can help to reduce pain, muscle soreness and tension. Massage therapy can also help to improve circulation, energy, and alertness, lowering heart rate and blood pressure, and improving immune function.

If you suffer from postoperative pain or fibromyalgia, massage can help to reduce your pain. If you experience low-back pain, experience tension headaches, have pain from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, or have joint replacement pain, massage therapy can help to reduce these pains.

Not least on the list, massage helps to reduce overall stress and promote relaxation and has also been shown to ease symptoms of depression.

Click here to read more on the benefits of massage therapy from the Mayo Clinic!

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If you have never had a massage before, it’s good to know what you’re looking to accomplish with your massage and some tips for choosing a massage therapist and communicating these objectives to them.

Are you looking to relax, or do you have specific pain or discomfort points that you want to address? Do you have an idea of the amount of pressure you are looking for, from light to deep tissue? Do you have any allergies to lotions, oils, or fragrances?

The most important thing is for you to be comfortable during your massage. You are advised to disrobe to your comfort level. A professional therapist will ensure that you are not inappropriately exposed at all times. If the pressure is too much or too little, feel open to communicate it and request a change. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, we advise that you communicate it to your massage therapist.

It is recommended to get massage at least once a month, regardless of your physical activity level. We recommend once every two to three weeks if you are more active in your work or participating in an exercise program.

A structured exercise routine, regular stretching, and regular massage are great self-care maintenance activities to incorporate into your overall wellness plan.

Each of the massage therapists within our space are licensed to practice massage therapy and are highly professional in their work.

Reach out to us today and we will connect you with a massage therapist for more information and scheduling!

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