What is WELLness to you? What does success look like in your health, fitness, and wellness? You can be our next success story, together!

The Well has helped me have the accountability I need to workout and do what my body needs! During our exploratory session, they were able to watch my movements and could see which areas cause more pain in my daily living. They are very knowledgeable and having the 1-on-1 training has been incredibly helpful in my journey to be healthy. Their tailored program for me is getting results already in the first 2 months! - Tiffany H.

Reaching out to The Well was one of the best decisions of my life. They aren't your typical high pressure trainer who treats all clients like they're "Joe Fitness." They listen to you and collaboratively come up with a game plan that fits your individual level, schedule, goals, and state of mind. They approach the process with an open mind, a generous heart and all the encouragement you need to make sustainable life changes." - Stacey B.

I can't say enough good things about Aubrey and the work she's doing at The Well! They're a true partner to clients in their wellness journey and understands that physical health is only one (but an important one no doubt!) aspect of wellness. She worked with me to determine my needs and set a customized plan for them - just completed my first 12 weeks with phenomenal results! They won't make it easy, but they will make it easier and they'll help you every step of the way! If you're looking for 1-1 personal training in Richmond (or elsewhere, they'll work with you remotely), this is where to go!!! - Melissa B.

I am a 57-year old woman and I had a problem with no energy and chronic fatigue, where most days I couldn't get out of bed. After taking a blood test and finding out that I had severe iron deficiency anemia, I started on an iron supplement and some of my symptoms improved. However, I still didn't have enough energy to function normally.
At this point, I started seeing Aubrey and she helped me realize that along with the iron, I needed to increase my activity level to get what is for me, a normal strength level. She told me that my muscles had atrophied during the years I had been so inactive.

So, gradually, I began to gain energy and a more positive outlook on life and am starting to achieve other goals I had in my life but never felt they were possible to achieve.

Thanks, Aubrey! - Ruth R.

100/100 would recommend training at The Well no matter your needs and goals they will help you go to that next level and reach your goals. Flexible schedules and if you come in a little banged up from a rough week they will modify your already personalized work out plan to suit that day's needs. I've been working with trainer "Kazie" for several months on day one we all got together for an evaluation and I could barely do step ups on to a 12 inch box, now I can hop on one foot, do free standing weights, squats, not to mention plank for 2:30 seconds.

I personally am coming back from significant injuries that had me wheel chair bound for over 4 months and on extremely light duty for the better part of 2 years with the goal of getting back to indoor soccer so it's been more of a total body approach with focus on lower body mobility and coordination and the progress had been phenomenal, if you're ready to do the work and not sure where to start or just need that extra push and accountability this is the way to go !!

- Matt B.

With another year rolling around (who does not make those New Year’s resolutions), I decided, once again that it was time to focus on my health and fitness and to reignite my love of cycling and being active. With these goals in mind, I researched and spoke with a few local personal trainers, before landing on The WELL!

23 weeks later and I cannot be more thrilled with the progress I have made toward my goals.  I can do a 5-minute plank, I am back to. cycling 30 plus miles a couple of times a week, I’ve lost over 37 pounds, reduced my body fat by roughly 7%, my flexibility and stability have improved, and most importantly I feel so much better!

So now that I have gone straight to the punchline, let me back-up and tell you about all the things I love about The WELL:

  • I love The WELL’s model of addressing the physical, mental, and spiritual components of being WELL. From the initial exploratory meeting I was convinced that this model was for me and signed up immediately.
  • I love the space we workout in and the equipment we utilize.
  • I love my personal trainer, Kazie Turner. He is motivational, positive and inspiring. I love the names he assigns to each workout, the list we check-off of a whiteboard and the support and encouragement I get during our hour together. It doesn’t stop after our hour together, he texts me often during the week to see how I am feeling and progressing.
  • I enjoy the app that is used to log our workouts and track various metrics.
  • No two workouts are ever the same! I enjoy the variety.
  • I enjoy the workouts that we do that really highlight the performance gains.

I should also share that I started my sessions with The WELL a few weeks before the pandemic and quickly learned about the advantages of working in a boutique facility versus a big box gym.  I did not have to miss any of the momentum gains Kazie and I were achieving. I am not sure how many wipes and cleaning supplies The WELL consumes, but let’s just say A LOT.  I always felt comfortable with the protocols and communication provided by The WELL.

I look forward to each session at The WELL! – Penny

Aubrey has changed my life in so many positive ways: for credibility on numbers: down 25 lbs, decrease in overall fat % by 5 points, slimmer waist, two-three sizes down in clothes. But she does so much more too! She’ll work with your body but will also help you focus on how your body plays into your overall wellness and happiness. She’s irreplaceable in my life, and she can help you too! – Melissa B.

The Well has some of the most well-informed personal trainers I’ve ever met. They really take the time to identify under/overactive muscles and I appreciate the somatic approach they take to fitness incorporating the mental, emotional and physical components into her health and wellness session plans.   – Stephanie M., Muscle & Bone

They have proven to be the best at what they do. The constant dedication and care provided to their clients have shown in the results. If you are ready for an amazing lifestyle change, look no further! – Q.R.

Aubrey is fantastic. She is so knowledgeable. I have a long journey to reach my wellness goals and she developed a custom plan that works for my busy life. – Michelle M.

I have worked with The Well all of 2018, I can definitely say I am stronger, my balance has greatly improved, my overall fitness level is greater. They are knowledgeable, tailored my program to address my issues and she is super motivating. I would recommend their team highly. An added benefit is their ability to motivate the most experienced couch potato! Sometimes we dance! – R.M.

I had a great experience at The Well’s Kings Charter location. My trainer met me in the mornings at 6:30 and was very flexible with my fitness schedule to fit in with my home/work schedule.

A few times I thought the exercises they were teaching me were too easy, but I sure felt it later!

They are very good with instructing on the best way to do exercises to improve strength, flexibility, and improve my posture. The app The Well uses makes it easy to follow up with an exercise routine at home. – J.O.

Having Aubrey as a personal trainer since April 2014 has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my wellness. After gaining nearly 40 lbs with my first pregnancy in 2013, I wanted the experience of my second pregnancy to be different. Aubrey provided customized workouts that met my specific needs throughout my pregnancy. She listened to my initial concerns and fitness goals and has helped me to implement small lifestyle changes that have made a difference over time. Together, since we began working out, until my 28th week of pregnancy, I am excited to share that I gained less than 12 lbs during this pregnancy. I have more muscle-tone, endurance, and awareness of my body. This greatly increased my stamina for natural childbirth.

Now that I am two weeks post-partum, I am less than my pre-pregnancy weight and feel fantastic. I highly recommend Aubrey for her professionalism, commitment to excellence and her genuine nature that truly cares for her clients. I cannot wait to begin working out with her again after my recovery! – Jenay B.

The Well is fantastic to work with. They take the time to understand their clients, their lifestyle and their goals in order to create a fitness and wellness plan that is optimal for them. They create a fun environment for training sessions and push you without taking you past your limits or making you feel bad if you don't quite make it. They helped me to get into a sustainable workout routine, drop weight and establish many healthy habits. They were flexible to my schedule and took time to listen to what was going on in my life when creating a new routine to insure it met my needs and constraints. They make themselves available to their clients outside your scheduled time for advice and encouragement. I would highly recommend The Well for your personal training needs. - B.W.

In the six months I worked with Aubrey, she was the perfect professional. She was always on time for our appointments, prompt in her responses and she insured that I turned in my homework. Her attention to detail and her knowledge was amazing and extremely valuable. Aubrey helped tremendously in my fitness journey, and I would highly recommend her. – M.W.S.

Aubrey has been my personal trainer for four months. She has helped me to reach some of my fitness goals, including the 10k. She has given me the confidence that I need while exercising at the gym, and has kept me motivated, which I have not been able to do on my own. She is very encouraging to me, and supportive for the accomplishments that I have succeeded. I believe that I would not be where I am at today while exercising, without her help and motivation. – Monica C.

I have been going to The Well for almost three months and love working out with them. Their wholistic approach to fitness and wellbeing and allows clients to meet physical needs and much more. I highly recommend Aubrey to anyone looking to enhance his or her fitness level, whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting your journey. – Michele M.

Before I started working out with a personal trainer at The Well I had gotten into a cycle of avoiding exercise and feeling really guilty about that. They planned a program that met my specific needs and, as a result, I’ve lost inches and pounds, feel stronger, more flexible and much happier. Now, in addition to working out with them, I’m working out on my own and finding that I’m more motivated in other parts of my life. Thank you! You’ve enriched my life! – M.L.

"I've lost close to 30 lbs since June. This has not been easy by a long shot! I have more to lose, a higher level of fitness to obtain, but I have enjoyed a very real and new sense of confidence at Richmond Wellness. I've been working about 3 times a week for an hour each session every week since I first started. Much of the physical work is demanding, but that is nothing compared to how my mindset needed to change. This is what has made Richmond Wellness such a great fit for me, because RW provides me as much mental and emotional support as it does physical fitness. They are not mental counselors at RW, but they have provided clarity, peace, and stability through sound instruction and advice. I get great nutritional info and advice as well as a personalized fitness program, but the best thing about Richmond Wellness is that I know that if I stick with it, I can be guaranteed success!!" - Marina Deoudes, age 40

"I am a fifty-five year old male that has been athletic and health conscious most of my life. I have been a member of a health club most of my adult life. I have been a member of my current gym for five plus years. I have always considered myself athletic and in pretty good shape with decent eating habits. Approximately a month ago I sat down with Aubrey Eicher and did a thorough assessment of my body, eating habits, and workout routine. After the assessment she asked me to set a goal I would like to achieve at this point in my life. I came to the conclusion I would like to lose 10-15 pounds along with toning up my body mass by the end of May, when my pool opens. I started training with Aubrey once a week. In the first month Aubrey has taught me many new exercises using different machines and equipment that have started better toning and mobilizing my body. She has also given me numerous nutritional tips and information that have improved my eating habits. In just a little over a month I have lost seven pounds and have noticeable tone in my body core and other areas. Aubrey regularly sends me inspirationals e-mails which includes mind, body, and spiritual materials that have helped me stay on track of my goal. I sincerely believe that Aubrey is genuinely concerned about my well being and reaching my goals and full potential. Success starts with a decision! I would recommend Aubrey to anyone who is cares to better their health (physically and mentally)." - Mike Haudricourt, age 55

“I have had the pleasure of working with Aubrey, she has been my personal trainer for a little over three months. I am writing this letter of recommendation because I’m blown away with the amount of knowledge Aubrey has given me. She has exceeded all of my expectations as a personal trainer. I must admit I was a little hesitant, but I now have a different outlook on the gym and most of all on life. There are a couple of different things that she has done for me that not only changed my life, but the people around me as well. She created and personalized an exercise program that fitted my needs. She had taught me new and exciting ways to work out specific muscles in the correct form. If that was not enough she has kept our workout sessions fun, motivating, and uplifting. Aubrey has inspired me to run my first 10k this year and I cannot wait to cross the finish line!
I’ve accomplished so much working with Aubrey and I’m far from finished. I highly recommend her to all of my friends who are looking for a new healthy life style.
Thanks Aubrey I look forward to continue working with in future. You’ve beena blessing!”
– Manuel Redoble

“I took a foam roller class at The Well. It was a great class! It’s a small, very personal setting. I loved it. The only problem was parking because the restaurant on the corner was having a charity brunch that morning. I found a space about a block away. It was okay though. Nothing like a good brisk walk to prepare you to stretch it out on a foam roller!! I like the “mobile program” they offer……personal training on the go! Very convenient for busy people. They train one of my friends and he looks amazing!! He said he feels great! I highly recommend this business!!”
– Marie F

"I have been training with The Well for two years and have seen tremendous results. I initially started working with them to prepare for getting pregnant and birthing a baby. I trained through 41 weeks of pregnancy and found it to be invaluable before and through the pregnancy. Can't recommend The Well highly enough." - M.C., age 34

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