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Private, Holistic Personal Training in Richmond, VA

Your private, 1-1 holistic personal training studio with two locations in the Richmond, VA area: in the Fan of Richmond and in Hanover County!

Wellness is..
".. An intentional and true state of being that comes from the inside out that flows from the deepest part of a person and displays itself in daily lifestyle, physical care of oneself and mental decision making; a feeling of wholeness, joy, and peace that starts from the inside and flows out to touch not only every aspect of one's own life, but everyone they come into contact with."
- Aubrey Eicher, founder


  • living to your fullest potential, without functional limitations or discomforts?

  • your body feeling good as you go about your daily activities?

  • taking care of yourself as a piece of the management of all of the things in your life?

  • feeling an ease in your daily movements?

  • keeping up with your children or grandchildren?

Why our Private, Holistic Personal Training?

We are the mind and body individualized personal training program and space, guiding deep-rooted healthy life enhancement and longevity for individuals who want to live a healthy, full, “no regrets” life.

Our personal trainers form individual partnerships with our clients, therefore empowering you to increase your health, fitness and wellness – through exercise, nutritional, mindset and lifestyle coaching.

The WELL model is the small, local private 1-1 personal fitness studio that creates an environment catered to you individually and your own goals and development: whether it’s just starting, getting out of a rut, or finding ways to elevate and protect your quality of life.

What IS WELLness To You?


One-on-One Private Functional Fitness Personal Training

Work out with our personal trainers one-on-one in The WELL private studio or remotely. Implement the basics to the advanced nuances of exercise and healthy lifestyle. Increase your strength, stamina, flexibility, mobility, balance and more through sessions uniquely catered to you, your goals and your current fitness level. Sessions are available Monday through Sunday by appointment.

One-on-One Private Yoga Sessions

The benefits of yoga include: increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, improved respiration, energy, and vitality, improved athletic and mental performance, protection from injury, and more. Sessions are available Monday through Sunday by appointment.

Remote Health, Fitness, and Wellness Accountability Coaching

Just want to know what to do, and you’ll do it? From workout plans to nutritional coaching, to other habit coaching (sleep habits, stress management, etc), your personal trainer will make a fully customized plan for you to follow to take you from where you are today to where you want to go with your health, fitness, and wellness!


Functional Private Holistic Personal Training Philosophy

is integrated into all we do with you. We believe that wellness is:

“.. an intentional and true state of being that comes from the inside out that flows from the deepest part of a person and displays itself in daily lifestyle, physical care of oneself and mental decision making; a feeling of wholeness, joy, and peace that starts from the inside and flows out to touch not only every aspect of one’s own life, but everyone they come into contact with.”

We believe that the aesthetic comes from the inside and flows out. 

Comprehensive Private Holistic Personal Training Methodology


  • goal setting
  • program planning with execution steps and accountability
  • a coaching emphasis on proper mechanics
  • avoiding injury and being most effective with workouts
  • monthly progress reports and measurements
  • education, motivation and inspiration to help you reach your desired vision of success
  • connection, support and encouragement from the Well community through social media groups and access to events

Care, Compassion, & Empathy in our Work

Our personal trainers build personal relationships with each of our clients, seeking to truly understand your life and how we can help you integrate a higher level of fitness and wellness from right where you are, today. The WELL mission is to intentionally improve the lives of those we serve, through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, fitness, and wellness.

Results are only as good as they last. We are here to help guide you in the changes that will stick with you and your family for the rest of your lives.

Our Private Studio Facility

is geared towards making your workout experience comfortable and exclusive, with no distractions, music to your liking, on site massage services, and more.

All equipment and touchpoints are sanitized prior to your session. Keeping you healthy and safe has always been of utmost importance to us.

We are Always Learning & Improving

Expertise in our field comes from continual intentional research, continuing education, and application to give you the most effective and safest exercise for where you’re at today.

Every day, our goal is to provide an amazing & effective experience for each of our clients and to express to you just how important and special you are.

Positive, Uplifting Environment

We work with you in an encouraging way to help you establish new habits and routines and hold you accountable to them in a nonjudgmental, yet firm way.

When you’ve got a goal to be healthier, more fit, and more well overall, we hold you to it. We do not judge or make you feel bad if you fall short, and we celebrate when you accomplish these goals.



private personal training richmond va
private personal training richmond va

Hanover County

private personal training hanover county mechanicsville ashland va
private personal training hanover county mechanicsville ashland va


“I started working with the trainers at The Well back in April of 2019. Somewhat skeptical what the “holistic” approach really meant, I figured I liked the concept so I should give it a try. Am I ever glad I did. The approach laid forth by the owner is phenomenal. Look at all aspects that make a person “feel well”!

  • Are you “physically well”?
    • – No, let’s build a reasonable and an achievable plan that gets us moving that way.
    • – Yes, great how far do you want to go? We’ve built plans for marathons and ironman. We got this.
  • Are you “eating well”?
    • No, let’s fix that. A good car takes good fuel. Comfort food is temporary bliss but leads to lower performance.
  • Are you “mentally well”?
    • No, not ink blots, but rather is your mind focused or distracted? Let’s get those bumble bees making honey and not buzzing around causing confusion. Through daily emails and weekly conversations The WELL helped me get and maintain focus.
  • Are you “spiritually well”?
    • Well, I’m not a religious person, so I was skeptical on this one. But what it really came down to is the state of my “inner calmness”. I call it my soul, but you can call it what you want. It’s that Christmas time feeling of peace and goodwill.
  • Are your “relationships well”?
    • Are you and your rope team working together to maximize your relationship? Good relationships help you perform better. Great relationships help you soar. Not a marriage counselor, nor a conflict negotiator, but helped me look at my relationships and focus on growing those that lifted me and trim back those that are toxic and holding me back.

But I’ll really let the results speak for themselves…. – down 30 pounds in 5 months, completed my first triathlon in 3 years, ready to run the Richmond Half-Marathon this weekend. Physically fit – check – business back on track, performing better than ever. Focused, solution minded and energetic helped me get it right.- check – strengthened relationships with some I lost touch with. These folks have helped me grow and for that I owe them immensely. Of course the increased energy has helped me keep these lines communicating- check – the bumble bees are calm, my soul is happy and the future looks bright!- check. Thank You The WELL! You guys are awesome.”


about getting to know YOU and learn what YOUR fitness and wellness goals are! Apply for an Exploratory Session today or send us an email with your questions to explore whether our personal trainers may be a fit to work together with you on your goals. We look forward to meeting you!


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