The Herbalism Intensive

We are excited to announce a brand new learning experience in collaboration with another Richmond, VA based company who specializes in herbalism, Laura’s Botanicals!

Like us here at The Well, Laura’s Botanicals is devoted to customized learning and meaningful holistic health experiences for their clients.

We are so excited for this special opportunity!

This experience is called The Herbalism Intensive and it will run for 4 consecutive Friday evenings (7-8 pm) starting June 30th.

Everything you want to know about making medicinal preparations with herbs, which herbs to start using for health improvement, the best herbs to grow in your gardens, how to properly store and preserve herbs and how to blend effective herbal formulations for aches and pains, hormone balance and mood support will be covered.

There will also be time to taste and explore the herbs directly and activities to do at home in between the sessions.

This is a fantastic add on to the hard work that you are already doing with us here at The Well. 

The results you are having will be even more improved when adding herbalism into your efforts. 

Early enrollment pricing Jun 19-21: $299

For today and tomorrow only, the price of The Herbalism Intensive with Laura’s Botanicals is only $299 (the price will go up to $399 after the early enrollment period). Tickets are limited so book your spot today!


Where will this intensive be held? We will hold all 4 sessions at our Fan location, 8 N Robinson St, Richmond, VA 23220

Will this be available via Zoom? At this time, we are only hosting in-person sessions for this intensive.

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