IMG_3289I was inspired this morning when I arrived to work at 5:35 am and saw that the accounting firm next door was already in their office. It spurred some thoughts about those of us who are trying to develop new habits, especially those that are for ourselves – like getting up earlier to exercise or having some personal planning, reflection, and quiet time in the morning.

Developing new habits can be tough at first, but it does get easier. I shared in this video.

Obstacles and challenges can seem larger to us when we are starting something new. With time and dedication, those challenges have a way of becoming less significant.

In the end, we all do what we really want to do. Can you admit to that? If we really want to make a change and change some habits, then we will. The challenge of change is more rewarding than the staleness and frustration of stagnancy.

What are 2 new habits you want to incorporate into your life today? You know, the ones you’ve been thinking about .. but haven’t “pulled the trigger” to.

If not now, then when?? Write them down. Commit to them. Get a friend or professional who is strong in that area to keep you accountable to your new commitment. Change is so much easier when you’ve got someone in your corner rooting for you and helping you be accountable!

I have 1 more spot for individuals that apply for a free Transformation Session with me (worth $95) to be chosen. Please ONLY apply if you SERIOUSLY want to make a change and not just talk about it. You don’t have to be any type of fitness level, only ready and willing to make a change in your life, because that’s exactly what will happen.

Link for the application: http://svy.mk/1U5N9Zs

Looking forward to seeing who I hear from!
Have an amazing Wednesday!
Aubrey Eicher
owner/personal trainer, Richmond Wellness

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PS: if not now, then when?

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