Not motivated?? I was reading whilst on the elliptical getting some cardio in today and thought to share ..Personal Trainer - Richmond Wellness - Motivation

“When your thought life is healthy you are motivated to exercise. Exercised muscles in turn released substances that increase brain health. This an example of an upward spiral.”
Dr. Caroline Leaf

This has been my experience. Fitness/wellness is mental, spiritual, and physical. They all flow together and can form a positive spiral that works for you, or a negative one that works against you.

It’s not always easy to turn the spiral, but it’s always possible. Once the initial turn takes place and consistent movement occurs in the upward spiral – positive thinking patterns, excercise, more positive thinking patterns, and so on – then it’s easier to continue as you develop momentum.

Are you ready to bust out of the negative cycle today, the thoughts that beat you up and keep you from where you truly want to be – happy, healthy, free, at peace with yourself and all of the world?

Go to richmond-wellness.com and sign up for your chance at a free transformation session. You’ll have to tell us why you are truly making this decision to change the merry-go-round direction in your life and why you’re ready to do so! Is this a tug at your heart? Perhaps it’s time ..

I look forward to hearing from the right people. 🙂

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