Many of you know my fitness journey. I was not a particularly active kid. I loved playing outside, but I never played any sports back in grade school. I wasn’t terribly overweight, but I was never happy or confident about my body.

After high school, I got a membership at a gym, with great intentions and commitment to finally get the body I would be confident in a bikini in. And so it began.

I exercised. I went to the gym 1 day/week, then 2 .. then 3, then 5-6 ..

I worked hard. Really hard. And when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, when I didn’t look like what I wanted to look like, I worked harder.

(circa 2009): Still not in a bikini, 2 years in to "gym going" ..

(circa 2009): Still not in a bikini, 2 years in to “gym going” ..

That’s what I thought was the key to getting what I want. Now, maybe you’re reading this and thinking one of two things: either, “that’s impossible,” or, “what was going on?” A few years later, I was FRUSTRATED.

“No wonder people quit,” I thought to my stubborn self.

That’s when I discovered running, and decided to see what my body could do in that arena. 5k .. 10k .. half-marathon .. marathon .. ultra-marathon .. triathlons ..

I was kinda proud, but I still didn’t have what I wanted – a body I was confident in.

As a trainer, I’ve learned: Motivation – knowledge = FRUSTRATION.

This is my value as a coach. I’ve acquired the knowledge: I’ve learned how to tweak not only my own variables (amount of exercise, type of exercise, nutrition, rest) but my clients’ variables and help us all get what we are really working for – the results we really want. (See testimonials).

I’m not upset that I had the immense learning curve. I’m glad I can help save many other people the time, effort, energy, and emotional energy, and get them to their goals much faster than I did my own.

What is it that I can help you to accomplish? Do you have a “stubborn” 10, 20, maybe 30 pounds that you’ve been working hard to get rid of? Are you tired of trying the next exercise or nutritional plan only to throw your hands up in the air a few weeks later because you didn’t get what it promised you?

Let’s talk. Reach out to me. Apply for a free transformation session. Allow me to help you cut through the buzz and the fuzz that is all around the health, nutrition and fitness industry and steer you towards what you really want – that fitter, happier, healthier you.

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I look forward to connecting and hearing YOUR story!


PS. Share this with someone you know it’ll benefit. Let’s change lives together!

Aubrey Eicher
owner/personal trainer, Richmond Wellness
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