Labyrinth: attention to the path: a meditation

Richmond Wellness - Personal Trainer - Training“I saw the goal and embarked on the path.

It was so close, yet so far in actuality.

Each step forward continuing on. Trusting it will take me to the goal, not entirely sure how it will get me there.

Have I been here before? (Starting to question if I have retraced my steps)..

Embracing the path. Feeling the journey. Breathing it in. Feeling the pebbles under my feet. Appreciating it all.

Even the random pebbles that hurt the soles of my bare feet.

Finding enjoyable places to step along the way.

I want to hop the ledge and go and sit in joy and praise and process but I hold too much respect to be able to allow myself to do so.

Before I knew it, I was turning the corner to the home stretch. I thought I had more to go. How excited I was to see the goal!

I walked up to it in reverence. In awe .. Nothing was there, no other twists or turns to go through, and nothing to hold me back .. I embraced the goal.

I sit kneeling in my desire as the world goes on around me. I am content in it. Pushing out thoughts of other things I could be and need to be doing.


The beauty of the path.

I have everything I need, and I always have, and I always will. <3

“When you find joy in the journey is when you will see all your deepest desires come to pass.”


Free yourself from need, from the concept/perception of lack, and you will see you have everything.

Everyone else around us has the same capacity.

Everyone has their own job to do. Do your own. Do not manage others’.

A woman entered the labyrinth as I was seated in the middle.

Embrace others. Find joy in seeing them along the path and the sound of their steps as encouragement, not of annoyance. It is beautiful.

Simply be. I am. I simply am. When I simply am, I allow others to simply be, also, in love and in kindness and in care.

Others’ journeys and perceptions and expressions are fascinating!

Out of gratitude, I followed the labyrinth path back out to sit on the bench close by and process.

The woman who then finished said, while waving and leaving, “all the best,” with the kindest and most loving look on her face.”

What would happen if we looked at life with wide eyes and wonder all the time?

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