Getting brutally honest and vulnerable with you here.

Only 6 months ago, I was in one of the most unhappy places of my life. And, the crazy thing was, that I was still functioning – still working with clients, still kind of running my life, yet feeling very restless inside – I really could not sit still with myself. I constantly needed to be doing something just so I would not stop and think (I did not understand that at the time – I had not thought about it).

February 1, I decided to make a change – and I started in one area of my life – my own personal fitness. I had let myself go a bit, weighed heavier than I ever had (NOT muscle), and was not happy about it. I committed to make a change.

While I embarked on this journey, I began asking questions instead of simply wondering why I was feeling really cruddy (and not doing anything about it). My self-worth had been crumpled and I felt as if I had nothing to stand upon. I went from completely wondering if I had an impact or a value, or if I was too much, or not enough, or too broken to resources that led me to the journey of discovering more of who I truly was – not the things that I had been through, not what others had said about me, not even what I thought about me (which, at that point, were not the best thoughts) – and the value I bring to life around me.

In the beginning of March, I had a problem I was facing – bills that needed to be paid, and I was not sure how I would pay them. I sought out a solution – which led me to a coach, and a crucial conversation that broke a barrier I had been living inside for a long time. (HUGE shout out to Coach-John Casto!!) I had already been working with mentors in other areas of my life, so I knew the value, but had never really applied it to my personal business endeavor. (Watch the video to find out what that was) 🙂

When that barrier was broken, that “AHA!” moment, it was like the floodgates opened and I embarked on a journey into a new life. I got more excited about discovering more of who I was and the strengths and value within me. I was learning the art of loving and caring for myself. And I was relearning the joy of helping those around me, including my clients.

5 months later, I’m literally freaking out half of the time out of pure excitement and joy because I am finally living pieces of a life I’ve always imagined, if not always felt I would see. I’m literally living the life that my teenage self dreamed I would: where I live, what I’m doing, helping people ..

In March, I launched a pilot test of a new program I’ve been working on, a program to take changes in fitness and wellness into a fully enjoyable, personalized expression of a lifestyle for each individual! And what I believe is the best part, is that ANYONE can do it. I believe this as much as I believe I am breathing right now.

Fitness and wellness conditioning has changed my life not once, or twice, but three times – in 2007, 2012, and now, 2016.

I currently have 4 spots open for free transformation sessions. I’d love to explore what I can help you accomplish. The openings are limited, so please only apply if you are absolutely serious about making a change in your fitness, wellness and life! Apply here.

I greatly appreciate you reading and watching this, and allowing me to be so transparent, honest, and vulnerable with you. My goal is to help as many people as I can reach to get out of their own “funks” – however long they may have been – so long as they want to get out!

Please think to share it with anyone that you think it would inspire.

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