Thank you so much to everyone who supported, interacted, watched, and connected with me from my video yesterday. I really love how it connects and inspires us all – your love and your time and energy in expressing it really makes an impact!

As I thought after I shared that video yesterday, I wanted to express why I felt the need to share it, which is inspiration, encouragement, connection, and love, but also, why I decided to do it yesterday.

Please send good thoughts/prayers/intentions out to my mom, who is in the ICU in a hospital in Pennsylvania right now. I am not with her, but my thoughts and love are.

Also, please share this and the other video with anyone you think it would speak to in any way! My goal is to be a positive impact and use every last drop of my experiences in doing so.

As explained in the video, I am searching for my next 4 clients to work with. I’m currently offering free transformation sessions to find the right fits. The link to apply is here.

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