What is sustainable exercise?
How many times have we started out on a new exercise routine, fully committed to give our 100% 5, 6, maybe 7 days of the week to get the goal we have that burning desire for? How many times have we fallen off of that habit because it simply was too difficult, we overexerted ourselves, lost our steam, or deemed it impossibly difficult to attain our said goal?
We need a way to harness that initial burst of energy so that it is not only sustainable, but our workouts are safe and progressive. That can come with knowledge, but a lot of times, knowledge alone won’t cause us to hold back. We need a plan. And further, a coach would really help us to implement that plan fully and properly. Someone with expertise and experience can help us to do the proper things, and reassure us that we are, in fact, doing the proper things. So, as long as we do “x, y, z,” we have “won” for the day and can celebrate and do it tomorrow; stringing together these incremental wins keeps us energized and takes us to our goals.
Exercise and goal accomplishment is SO mental. It’s not sufficient to have brute force, raw motivation to reach your goals. Knowledge must come into play. Science has a role in what we do, how we act and how we move, how we eat, and how we relax.
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