Or maybe you’re not that person. At least not .. yet? Perhaps you simply have not found exercise that suits your interests ..

Action that stems from the motivator of fear does not have the ability to produce true, lasting continuance of those actions. Only action stemming from love has the power to last, built on a rock indestructible from storms and floods.

If an individual is training for a marathon or beginning an exercise routine for the sake of doctor’s orders: absolutely having to lose weight or else they are putting their health at extreme risk, how long will they keep it up? Can they make it?

I believe they can. But then what? Will they continue? Not unless they developed a love for running or exercising along the way.

Take away the threat or the potential threat of fear and the action stops.

Take a person who absolutely loves to run or workout and tell them to stop. Entirely. Get my point?
It’s quite difficult, if not impossible, to convince a person who loves what they are doing or what they stand for to change their mind. In the same token, it’s quite difficult, if not impossible, for a person to continue doing something they are doing out of fear.

What fear? Fear of losing something? Fear of “looking bad” in front of others?

True lasting change, I have seen, has developed from a person raising their concept of love for themselves and their bodies, minds, and souls.

How much do you love yourself? Enough to move it the way it really wants to be moved? Enough to feed it the fuel that will enliven and nourish it?

Have you found a type of exercise that suits your interests? Did you know that eating healthfully can be very, very tasty, easy and fun all at the same time? Reach out if you’d like to explore and discuss this!

To your health, fitness, and wellness!

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