We are well into the holiday season now .. I wanted to do a check-in. How are you doing?
Did you set out at the end of October (you know, Halloween candy time) with the intention that this year would be different, that you would eat healthier, move more, and not gain that typical holiday-time weight?
How’s it going?
I wanted to do a check-in to raise your awareness. Yes, the holidays can be hard in our culture where calorie-dense (but nutritionally-deficient) foods and drinks abound and we can be less motivated to move, sweat, and exercise with colder days and longer nights.
At the end of the day, though – you are in control. There’s always opportunity for excuse, but what do you really want? Would you rather feel and look your best this time of year, as any other time of the year?
Following an exercise plan and also having a nutrition strategy in place will help you to stay on track. So will having an accountability partner, and a coach!
Can I help you to recommit today? Can I help you to commit to what you truly want and see you get it? 
I have a few spaces open for my accountability coaching program. It’s a health, fitness, and wellness plan that I specifically craft for you, your goals, your interests, and your resources. I’m currently offering a free 15-minute coaching call to see if this would be something that would benefit you. If you definitely want to commit to your goals, and really see them come to pass, apply for a free call here.
I look forward to connecting with you!
Aubrey Eicher
owner/personal trainer, Richmond Wellness
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