Have you ever embarked on a goal, let’s say, weight loss, or a healthier lifestyle, with lots of energy and excitement only to find yourself a few weeks later out of energy and drive to continue working towards it and then back where you started or worse?
Well, first off, let me say – YOU ARE NOT ALONE! This happens to the best of us, even myself at times, especially when unforeseen things crop up, blindside, and distract us from what we were so focused on.
What to do? Well, let’s take this waaaaaaaaaay back – to our toddler years. Learning how to walk. We didn’t get it right the first time, right? (I’m guessing not, but if you did, I give you standing applause here!) No. Most of us got up, took a step, and plopped down. Then we got up again, took a step, and fell over again. Maybe the next time we took two steps before falling.
Maybe we fell down and cried because we got hurt.
But then we got back up and did it over and over again until we finally got it.
Thankfully, we walk today because of it.
This is the same procedure with anything we want to accomplish in our lives – weight loss and healthiness included.
Don’t give up! Don’t give in. If you want something, go for it again! Learn something new in the process. Learn how to do better next try.
You deserve to have a happy, healthy life. You deserve to feel good. You are worth it!
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