There is a principle called adaptation that each of our bodies has the potential to use, and, really, does use, daily. Think about it – our bodies adapt to different levels of stress, different foods, different routines, all the time.
Mixing up your workouts will help to keep your body guessing! Right when your body gets used to a certain set and level of stressors within a workout, mix it up! Change it up however you can. If you’re weight training, change up the number of sets, number of reps, weight involved, the actual exercises themselves, the amount of rest you take in between sets, everything is a variable here! So, have some fun and mix it up!
Mixing up your workouts will also keep your mind fresh and prevent boredom.
Try a new type of exercise. If you’re on the cardio machines, try the weight machines! If you’re on the weight machines, try the free weights or TRX. Or, try a new class! Or go out dancing with some friends!
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