One of the things I’ve been teaching for years is true, sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle transformation – not simple weight loss.
Most of us cringe when we think about weight loss, mainly because with it comes thoughts of food restriction and exercise we don’t enjoy, we just do.
This can be effective, for a period of time. But in my experience both personally and with clients, it does not last. Sure, it seems we can make ourselves do almost anything for a short period of time – but what happens when we get tired of restricting ourselves and doing what we aren’t enjoying?
Enter the yo-yo. Lose 10 pounds, gain 10. Lose 10, gain 15. It feels terrible, I know.
This is why I deem it so necessary to explore and find things that my clients enjoy – maybe it’s dancing, yoga, bicycling, hiking, walking, preparing them for a vacation that they want to be fitter for .. and more.
It is possible to adopt a healthy lifestyle that works for you – both exercise-wise and nutritionally!
If you’d like to explore if I can help you to do so, click here to apply for a free 15-minute coaching call. Let’s have a conversation!
And if you’re noticing you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, change something!
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