Perseverance is huge for accomplishing pretty much anything in our lives. From schooling, to our careers, to our health.

When things get tough, what are we going to do? Quitting is an option, sure – for the things that we realize just are not big priorities in our lives. Let’s say we always wanted to try to learn an instrument. So, we pick up the violin. Or the piano. Or the guitar. After a period of time, if we realize that it’s just not something that we want or need to do and that we aren’t enjoying it, I’d say that’s an alright time to quit.

But something as vital as our health, our wellness, our fulfillment and happiness? I believe these things are worth not quitting on.

Sometimes we can quit when we are so close to a breakthrough. Perhaps right around the bend is the key we needed to understand to really see it come to fruition.

If there’s something you really want to see in your life, stick it out! Just because it gets tough, it is not a sign to back out. Perhaps that is precisely the time to dig deeper and really find out what is going on and why you feel that way.

Is your “why” – your reason for committing to a healthier lifestyle – strong enough or deep enough? Do you want to be spry in 10 years? Have less pain and more energy for family, work and life? Have you always simply wanted to finally be comfortable in your own skin? Do you want to be able to keep up with kids and/or grandkids? Do you want to live life to the fullest?

Dig deeper to find underlying reasons why you want what you do. These are compelling and supportive things to help you persevere through any challenge that comes your way.

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