One of the biggest complaints that I hear in terms of an individual switching to healthier food options is that “it’s too expensive.”
I understand the need to be resourceful and have our dollars go as far as they can for us – we work hard for them!
But, this complaint is also one of the biggest misconceptions. I did some research and found this series of publications from the USDA on the cost of groceries for different peoples. Check it out here. The spending amounts start at “thrifty” and go up to “liberal.”
Making a budget is essential for keeping an eye on how much you spend on groceries. Using an online tool such as Mint can help tremendously to show you where all our money goes each month. I encourage you to check it out.
And, if this has been a struggle point for you, I encourage you to be open to the idea that eating healthfully could not only be within your budget, but done well, could actually save you money, too.
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