From year to year, and day to day even, we have a potential we can aspire to discover and explore with our physical fitness.

I discovered a passion to explore my potential when I became a marathon runner. I was fascinated with running further and further, progressing from a 5k to an 8k, to a 10k and then a half marathon, then to a marathon and a 50k. I was enthralled with it!

In the process, my cardiovascular fitness shot through the roof! This is especially good for me, as my father’s side of the family has ALL had immense heart troubles. My father, for example, had 4 heart attacks before he was 50! Thankfully, he has survived and is still alive and kicking. 🙂 I learned a valuable lesson: to take care of myself as I became aware of my risks.

I have a good friend who got into Crossfit a few years back. She found she had a knack for it and developed a passion for it. Her fitness and strength, in the process, has increased greatly.

Some people get fascinated by different kinds of dance, which is also great for the heart and muscles.

My point here is to encourage you to find something that you would love to see how far you can take. To discover YOUR potential and the joy in doing so!

Try something new if you haven’t found it yet. And again, just like our potential changes, so may our likes and interests. So if you find you’re not so interested in something you used to be (almost) obsessed with, don’t be discouraged, just find what your new thing is! Learning new active things is both physically and mentally invigorating.

For your health, fitness and wellness!
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