So if you’ve got the right goal, how about the right steps to take you there? 
How do you break it down?
Here’s a few tips/steps:
  1. What’s the BIG goal? What’s the date you are looking to achieve it?
  2. How can you break it down into smaller steps?
    • Let’s say that your BIG goal is for the year. How can you break it up into smaller accomplishable steps, say, in 3-month chunks?
    • How can you break it up even smaller, let’s say, individual months?
    • Can you go smaller, into weeks?
  3. What habits do you need to adopt or drop in order to help you get there?
  4. Write these down on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror (or write it on there with a dry-erase marker!) – the key here is to put it somewhere you will see it every morning and every evening, so your mind can focus on it, day and night.
  5. Keep a calendar (either paper or electronic – find what works for you) and block out times you need to for your new habits that will help you to accomplish your goals.
  6. Check off your accomplishments and celebrate your victories along the way! (Just don’t celebrate with cheesecake if your goal is to lose weight – do something else, like a spa treatment or sign up for that MMA class you’ve been wanting to check out!)
Try these. Implement them today. Start now! If you’re already well along your path to goal achievement, check your process against mine. What routines do you implement to achieve your goals?
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