The other night I hopped on to Facebook live and shared about personal transformation and your health/fitness/wellness.

If you missed it, I uploaded it to YouTube for you! Watch it here.

Here’s the key points:
  1. Believing that it is possible FOR YOU
  2. Being willing to let go of your preconceived notions and do what it takes to embrace the change, to do the work, and particularly the internal work to grow yourself into the person you always want to show up as/really want to be
  3. Doing it
    1. Vision
    2. Goal
    3. Game plan
    4. Daily action
    5. Seek out resources
      1. People
      2. Info
I hope this is helpful for you, the process and principles are applicable to every area of life! When we get to that place of absolutely being ready to make a decision, a change, that is a magical place! 😀

Have an amazing day and weekend!
And, Happy St Patty’s! Be safe and well.
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