We all have a number of areas we would consider ourselves to be competent and/or an expert in, right? Maybe it’s our job, maybe it’s how we run our lives or take care of our family. We could tell all the ins and outs of how to navigate what to do.

When it comes to adding new areas of expertise, like our own health, for example, it’s wise to seek out someone who has credentials and experience to help us make it happen. With all the information out there, it’s easy to get lost and spend a whole lot of time figuring it out. Is there an easier way?


When I wanted to learn more about how to run my own business more effectively, I sought out a business coach in my industry. I wish I’d done it sooner! I spent a lot of time and energy figuring out things that didn’t work so well for me.

I recommend the same for you! Instead of taking the time and energy to figure out trial and error, hire a coach!

In my line of work, I do define a health coach quite differently than I would define a personal trainer. Health coaches are more encompassing, take all of life into consideration, and work with the unique life variables you have to get you to where you want to go with your health.

Do you have a health concern you want to take care of, like lowering your blood pressure? Do you want to have more energy for all the things you need and want to do in your day? Do you want to be more confident and comfortable in your skin?

Click here to apply for a free 15-minute coaching call with me. Let’s explore if I can help get you there!


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