The other day, I shared a Facebook post about the newness of Spring and the motivation it brings. I wanted to share it with you, in case we are not connected on social media! 🙂
[Bust out of the mundane]
It’s a brand new season!
☀️Spring is a time ..
to shake off – the old and unuseful
to put on – the new and refreshing
to clean – our closets and our minds
to enjoy – the world at large and within us
to move – because hibernation is over
to get outside – because it’s beautiful and rejuvenative
to make decisions – because if not now, then when?
to be inspired – because everything is new!
🌸What in your life needs life? What is blooming, crying out for you to nurture it? How can you mix up the mundane and breathe fresh air into your day today?

PS: If we are not connected via social media, please reach out to me! I’d love to stay more connected!

Have an AMAZING week!

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