I get this question often from clients: “when will it get easier?”
Well, first, I must say, that I LOVE this question.
Why? Why would I adore this question? Because it means the client is thinking far enough ahead of implementing a particular change that they are concerned about their willpower to continue with it/keep up with it.
It’s a beautiful question to ask, and a beautiful place to be.
The answer varies form person to person, but, allow me to give you my general answer to this question, in hopes that it helps you along your personal journey of health, fitness, and wellness ..
It will get easier when you enjoy the process and stop thinking about it. 
Think about it – in terms of time being relative and either expanding or contracting – when does time go the fastest? When you’re having the best time, right? And when does it contract and seem to take absolutely forever, crawling at a snail’s pace? When you’re doing something you’re forcing yourself to do, in excruciating painful-like fashion.
Yes, the same rule applies to health, fitness, wellness, and all of life.
This is one of the reasons why I began doing what I do now – being a health/fitness coach – the fact that these wonderful life principles are transferable to all areas of life!
So, relax a little, sit back and enjoy the ride – seek ways to move that you enjoy, and/or seek enjoyment in the ways you move – either way, this will help it to become a more welcome addition and integration into your life.
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