Mark your calendar: May 6th! 10 am – 3 pm!
Today’s spotlight: Lisa Hazelgrove, owner of Lisa Healthy!
Lisa is a holistic educator providing valuable systems using cutting edge magnetic, far-infrared, negative ions, full spectrum lighting, water & air filters, nutritional, sleep, energy and emotional solutions thus creating an authentic action plan that is enhancing people’s lives. She loves teaching the community on how to create a wellness environment to help the body heal. She offers one-on-one consulting sessions, workshops, classes as well as speaking engagements. She has been in the Wellness Industry for 14 years and specialize in Nutrition, Sleep and the Emotion Code. In 2008, she began teaching as a Wellness Instructor at the University of Richmond.
Come hear her share why is sleep so important, what can be disrupting our sleep and what we can do to improve our sleep.
Stay tuned for other offerings you’ll find at our Holistic Health Spring Open House!
We hope to see you there! 🙂
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