This is a question I get quite often, and, I have to say, it is entirely valid.
Don’t we generally feel that if we don’t have some significant amount of time to devote to exercise, that it may not be worth it to try at all?
I understand, I do. I’ve thought the same thing, in the past. But today, with what I know now, I let my clients know – IT ALL COUNTS!
Many of us have extended work schedules these days, making it harder to do things outside of work during the week. However, those 10-minute pockets you could take advantage of in the middle of the day really DO make a difference!
If you don’t have 30 minutes or more at one time to devote to going for a walk or getting a workout in, work with what you DO have – walk to coworkers’ desks, go outside for a lap (or a few laps) around the building, climb the stairs a few times.
Whatever it is – take the time to do it. Don’t feel that it won’t make a difference – because it will.
Tae it from Roosevelt: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Any movement is better than no movement. Perhaps as you move more, you’ll find more opportunities to move! 🙂
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