I’ve been thinking so much lately on the art of starting again.
You know, when we’ve tried something and failed .. maybe in our fitness, maybe in our relationships, or our careers .. really, anything ..
How long will it take us to try again? At what point do we get fed up of settling for less than what we really want?
When we desire something, it usually isn’t entirely unreasonable – right? I mean, how many of us are REALLY fretting over winning the lottery or looking like a celebrity overnight?
We ARE reasonable creatures, yes. We do dream of very realistic things. But what keeps us back from actually acting on them?
Why are we still only dreaming?
Have we tried in the past to bust into the next income bracket, to stop the madness of living paycheck to paycheck, or to finally be comfortable in our skin? Have we shied away from trying again because we feel we have failed or “been burnt?”
Can we start again? Maybe this is the day to shift our mindset to the possibilities before us. We only really desire the things that are possible for us, because we know, inherently, unconsciously .. that they are ours for the taking.
All I’m asking is for you to believe in the possibility. Take one step. Dream again. Believe just a little, again.
The rest will come. All of life is a beautiful process, a wonderful ebb and flow that will guide us to where we are going, if we allow it to do so ..
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