Looking for an intuitive way to stay healthy through the seasons? Is your diet stressing you out? What can nature teach you about staying healthy in the spring season?

Come find out at our Holistic Health Spring Open House May 6th from 10 am – 3 pm! 

You’ll meet Kelly Sherman, owner of Wax and Wane Wellness. Kelly will be doing a brief overview of the 5 elements in Chinese medical theory and will transition into talking specifically about the Wood element, which represents the Liver and Gallbladder and is associated with the season of Spring. She will also be discussing what specific foods/cooking methods/herbs/and supplements will be best to both encourage the Liver in it’s detoxification process, help “unclog” the Gallbladder, help “course the qi” in the body – aka stress management techniques – and a few very specific stretches to stretch the Wood channels + some info on how to and also to help build healthy nutrient and oxygen rich blood and nourish the tendons and ligaments (all Wood relationships).

Mark your calendar and join us! 😀
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