Body love AND goals. Sounds almost like a paradox, right? I’m sure you’ve heard of the “body love” movement – the “love yourself no matter what size, shape, BMI you are,” yes?

I am in favor of this. On one condition. That body love causes you to take care of your body better.

Can we really say that we are loving ourselves if we are not feeding it proper nourishment – enough, not too much, and the nutrient-dense foods, versus the nutrient-weak foods? Or that we are loving ourselves by being couch potatoes?

When we love something, we care for it. It is the example of picking a flower. We don’t pick flowers because we LOVE them. We pick them because we want them. If we LOVED them, we would water, nurture, and care for them, respecting their life while enjoying their beauty.

On the other side of this body love and goals fence, when we have goals, we must approach them from a place of unconditional self-love. This means that whether we reach the goals or not, we love ourselves. It means that we don’t wait to love ourselves until we reach a goal. That is a recipe for self-sabotaging disaster, and a good amount of pain.

Like most things in life, it is a beautiful balance.

How can you apply this in your life today?

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