There is a lot of hype out there about the difference between static and dynamic stretching. I wanted to send information to you to debunk the myths and clear the confusion between these two!

Firstly, both are GOOD. They simply serve different functions.

What is the difference between the two?
+ Static stretching: each stretch is held for 15-30 seconds
+ Dynamic stretching: consist of active movements through a small to large range of motion

When I am working with a client, particularly an individual with particular muscle imbalances which could lead to future injury if left uncorrected, we start with specifically identified static stretches and then move to dynamic stretches to continue warming up. If there are currently no observable muscle imbalances, we still do about 5 minutes of static stretching to lengthen the muscles and increase blood flow, and then move to dynamic stretching which is combined with a series of warm up exercises to prepare the body for the workout.

For more information about the difference between static and dynamic stretching, check out this article from the University of Wisconsin.

If you suffer from chronic back discomfort, knee pain, and more, a proper flexibility/stretching regimen may be in order. Reach out to me if I can be of help to you!

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