An item of concern to many of us today: our SODIUM INTAKE. Mainly, an excessive sodium intake is associated with increased blood pressure. Let’s dive in!

The FDA wrote up a great article discussing the recommended daily intake level, food choices that lead to increased sodium intake, and what “reduced-sodium,” “low-sodium,” and “no salt-added” or “unsalted” labels mean! Check it out here! It’s a great resource for educating yourself on your own sodium intake.

If you are concerned about lowering your blood pressure and sodium intake, I recommend tracking your food with a fitness app such as MyFitnessPal (https://www.myfitnesspal.com) – I use it with many of my clients and it is a great tool for tracking many nutritional items, including sodium! I have found MyFitnessPal to be the easiest, most user-friendly, and most comprehensive (has most of the products/food choices we make within its database!)

Have a healthy day! And remember the May promotion I am running, the 12-week program to jumpstart you into the summer and beyond on a healthier lifestyle, getting you feeling better, stronger, and more confident wherever you go: the beach, the pool, and in December, the holiday parties! Start NOW!!

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