It’s time to gear up for another week! Let’s roll! 🙂

I wanted to share this week about how everything we do (or do not do) counts. (If you enjoy videos, I discussed this topic recently in one of my Facebook live sessions. I uploaded it to YouTube and you can check it out here. Check out some of my other videos while you are there!)

Taken into the realm of fitness, the 10 pushups we do, or don’t do, matter – the stress we put, or choose to not put, on our muscles make a difference, so, yes – the 10 pushups matter.

Taken into the realm of nutrition, the chocolate cake for dessert after dinner that we eat (generally about 350-500 calories, full of processed sugar/carbs) or that we choose not to eat, makes a difference.

Taken into the realm of mindset, both of these actions, or choices away from these actions, has a compounding and consistent affect on our state of emotion, motivation, and well-being. Doing the 10 pushups can make us feel like a champ. Turning down the chocolate cake can make us feel empowered towards our fitness goals that we have in sight, if slimming down is one of those goals.

I am, however, an advocate for moderation. I don’t believe in telling ourselves that a certain food (or food group, for that matter), is evil or “bad.” Rather, I believe in the moderation of these foods such as chocolate cake, ice cream, pasta, breads, and more. What is life without balance? As soon as we tell ourselves that a certain food is banned, how much more do we desire it? It’s just psychology. Life is balance. In the same token, if a goal of yours is to increase health and fitness and decrease pant size and weight, then the desire for that must be greater than the desire to have dessert after each meal, or, every day.

It’s a matter of where we put our focus.

What do you want most?

Activity and exercise, no matter how small, doesn’t only have an impact on our health and fitness, but it helps to spur us to figuring out how we can fit a little more in next week. Nutritional choices, again, no matter how small, also not only have an impact on our health and fitness, but positive, healthy choices spawn more positive healthy choices and feelings of positivity and lightness.

How can you move in a way that feels good? How can you eat in a way that feels good?

Have a GREAT week!

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If not now, then when?

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