Let’s talk about those tasty sugar and carbs that seem to be sooooo addictive!

First off, I want to address the fact that sugar and carbs are a part of our daily nutrition, and it is a natural and good thing. They aren’t evil or “bad.” In fact, we need them! The part that gets hairy is the question of what kind of sugar and carbs we are getting. Here’s where we will dive in!

The most nutritionally dense sugars and carbs we have access to are:

  • fruit – bananas, apples, pears, berries, peaches, pineapple, mangoes, etc
  • vegetables – kale, mixed greens, spinach, green beans, carrots, celery, radishes, collard greens, cucumbers, etc
  • carbs – the complex carbohydrates (whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, sprouted bread, legumes, oatmeal, other grains, etc),
    The above options of sugars and carbs are more nutritionally sound than the simple, refined, processed ones (donuts, white bagels, white bread, white pasta, white sugar, soda, artificial syrups, pastries and desserts, etc)

Not only are fruits and vegetables more nutrient dense (more nutrients for your calories, or “bang for your buck,” if you will), our bodies process the sugars from fruits and vegetables differently and more efficiently than the sugars in refined, processed items. (Read more in an article from Everyday Health here!)

It makes sense that our bodies process the natural things we have available to us rather than the processed stuff. But, how can we substitute more nutritious items AND enjoy it so that we want to continue to do it? Here are a few practical examples:

  1. Opt for a natural, non-GMO dark chocolate bar (1-3 pieces) for dessert, rather than other processed pastries, candy, or ice cream for dessert
  2. Add fruit to your oatmeal for breakfast as it cooks, such as apples or bananas, instead of adding sugar
  3. Use a little less sugar in your coffee over the course of 3 weeks (drastic changes in sugar provide drastic taste difference and are usually unpleasant, unless that works for you! Try cutting back gradually.)

How could you implement choosing more foods that give you more energy and nutrients today?

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