What is one of the most prominent markers for success, and, on the flip side, one of the most painful markers of regret and pain?
Here’s another question for you – when do you feel like to are really at your best? As in, you are totally 100% engaged in what you are doing, putting your best effort forth, probably losing track of time, and generally feeling really great about what you are doing? 
Isn’t that a really awesome place to be? Wouldn’t it be awesome to be there more often? 
There is surely an ebb and flow to life and our energy. Some days we may feel on top of the world, ready to conquer all, while others, we want to stay under the covers all day. (Right? This isn’t just me, I don’t think ..?) 😉
So, if it ebbs and flows, what do we do about it? I will ask two questions: 1. What can we do to generate more high-energy days, and 2. What can we do when we do have a low-energy day?
1. What can you do to empower yourself and to create more energy for your day? Can you go for a walk in the morning? How about an exercise or yoga class? What can you eat that will give you more energy for the day and support your health and life with nutrients – vitamins, minerals, and more? Can you set aside 10 minutes for personal quiet time in the morning – be it journaling and/or meditation?
2. On the days that your energy feels low, do the best that you can with what you have. Our best looks different every single day. Knowing this, so long as we are staying true to doing what we know to be our best effort at the moment, in the moment, we can live with no regrets. To be entirely present in what is going on right this very second, and not elsewhere, has immense benefits. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow will be there tomorrow. What we have right now is this very moment. 
If you have health, fitness, wellness, and other goals you are working towards, or want to work towards, take this as an encouragement to give it your best every day. 
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