Happy Independence Day to you!


I wanted to share with you a principle I appreciate and enjoy living by – working before playing!


Alright, so the concept isn’t new. But, perhaps the way that we apply it, may be!


Particularly on these special holidays (4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc) – you know, these ones where the not-so-healthiest but oh-so-tastiest of foods are eaten by tradition, I always recommend to my clients (and get my own) exercise/workout in prior to engaging in said holiday festivities.


You probably know a host of benefits that exercise presents. Here’s an article I was reading this morning about the benefits of exercise prior to breakfast (also known as fasted-exercise).


Not only do we boost our metabolism when we exercise, but, in my (and many others’) opinion, food tastes SOOO much better when you have earned it.


What activity can you do today before heading to the cookout, enjoying a beer or glass of wine with friends and family, and relaxing?


Have an incredible day – I hope that you enjoy every bit of it!


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