Have you heard the buzz this week trending in the coffee conversation? Are you an active coffee drinker and lover, or have you left it behind, due to controversial info out there on if it’s good for our health or not?

Earlier this week, two new studies were published SUPPORTING the health BENEFITS of drinking coffee, even decaf! These studies followed their participants for about 16 years with their coffee habits.

The larger of the two studies was done within 10 countries across Europe and concluded that “Coffee drinking was associated with reduced risk for death from various causes. This relationship did not vary by country.”

The second study was done in Hawaii and Los Angeles across cultures and concluded that: “Higher consumption of coffee was associated with lower risk for death in African Americans, Japanese Americans, Latinos, and whites.”

Aside from the above studies, coffee can be giving us these benefits: mood elevation, less risk of type 2 diabetes, protection against heart failure, less risk of Parkinson’s as well as lessen symptoms in those who have Parkinson’s, gallstone prevention, liver health, and reduced risk of liver cancer. (Read more in this article!)

Of course, don’t go overboard. Too much coffee, as I am sure you may very well know, can cause anxiety, nervousness, headaches, and more.

But, enjoy your cuppa with peace of mind! 🙂

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