Who or what inspires you? Who or what inspires you towards the things you want to see in your life?

Shortly after I picked up running back in 2010, I began following a blog, The Logic of Long Distance. I became fascinated with the thoughts and conversation around long-distance running and read as much as I could. I also remember watching a number of YouTube videos of the famed marathoner Ryan Hall; in particular, one sticks out where he was prepping for the NYC marathon. I was so inspired – I loved it! Then, just a few short years later, I myself was in NYC and met his wife at the race expo! I WAS THRILLED.

I am certain that these things fueled my fire and excitement around a healthier life – not only in fitness, but in my nutrition and overall health.

It was not overnight, by far – my journey has been a steady progression with ups, downs, and loop-de-loops, just as everyone else’s.

What can you glean from – what are the resources available to you to inspire and propel you towards your greater health, fitness, and overall wellness and happiness?

Videos, movies, books, speakers, events, podcasts, meetup groups .. the list goes on.

Find what lights your fire!

What you seek, you will find .. 🙂


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