What is NOT serving you in what you REALLY want? 

I think it’s safe to say that we ALL want to be light, happy, energetic, and fit. Then why don’t we ALL do the things that produce that? 

Well, it’s all the other “stuff” that can get in the way, particularly when we are looking at exchanging habits for healthier ones. 

“The new Game of Thrones season came out.” “My other fave TV show is on.” “I am tired.” “It was a long day at work.” “I don’t feel motivated at the moment.” “I’ll do it tomorrow ..”

Our world contains a plethora of options for what we can do to fill our time. The defining question stands: “What will take me to what I REALLY want?”

“INTENT reveals desire; ACTION reveals commitment.” – Steve Maraboli

Surely it takes some extra energy (‘oomph’) to get the new habit ball rolling. But, once, rolling, it’s SO much easier to maintain habits you’ve created rather than constantly be at the place where you’re trying to incorporate them into your lifestyle. 

Making a firm commitment (“I WILL do this, or else!”) helps to eliminate the deliberation in your mind of whether or not to do what it is you want to set out to accomplish. 

As an example, the person who decides they want to run a marathon and then actually SIGNS UP for said marathon, now has a greater amount of commitment in the game.

I see this same type of commitment when a client comes in and invests their money in personal training with me and then feels compelled (accountable) to come in one the scheduled days and times we have established.

Figure out what’s NOT serving or working for you. Then make a qualified decision whether you want to continue devoting time, money, and energy to it. 

Figure out what works for you. Rather, begin to figure out what works for you. What works for you may not work for someone else – you are unique and it will be most beneficial to you to know how you can help to motivate yourself to follow through the things that you decide to make a real commitment to. 

If you’re in a place where you really want to make a commitment to your greater health, fitness and wellness, once and for all, let me know! Let’s have a conversation about it. 

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