Limiting the amount of liquid sugar we ingest can bring a whole host of benefits. Lattes, macchiatos, gatorade, energy drinks, even fruit juices generally contain a high amount of (unnecessary) added sugar.

What to do?

Instead of heading to the coffee shop or putting manufactured “creamer” in your coffee, perhaps invest in an espresso machine at home, or a coffee maker that you ENJOY. A few months back, my boyfriend purchased an espresso machine, and while we are not quite baristas, we can now make a mean almond/cashew milk latte in the morning, or an americano, or whatever else we want. We have control over the ingredients we put into the coffee beverage we make. I like to make mine with an almond/cashew milk blend, stevia, and cinnamon. (I have an obsession with cinnamon, read more about why here).

If you’re an “afternoon pick-me-up” drinker, as in, soda, sweet tea, or some other type of sugary drink (perhaps another cup of joe?), green tea is a great alternative. It has benefits that span from improving your metabolism to reducing the risks of heart disease as well as several types of cancer. (Read more here.)

In the end, choosing less sugary drinks can not only aide you in increasing your health, fitness, and wellness, but also provide more sustained energy to help you power through your days.
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