Fitness is not only physical – it is mental and spiritual as well. When I say physical, I’m speaking of the actions and movement. When I speak of mental fitness, I’m referring to the thoughts that we have. Finally, when I speak of spiritual fitness, I’m speaking of the core beliefs that we hold about ourselves and our abilities and more.


Did you know that your own thoughts and beliefs can either help or undermine your health and fitness?


Research is showing that self-critical thoughts can make you less likely to change harmful habits. They may also be linked to chronic stress and mental health issues such as depression.


Further, research is suggesting that self-compassion and self-acceptance foster good habits and good mental health.


If you find yourself in a thought storm of negative self-judgments and the ways you compare yourself to others (fitness and beyond), take notice. What ARE you doing well? You truly should only be competing with yourself to be the best you that you can be. If you’re even a smidgen better today than yesterday, that is a victory.


Be kind to yourself and care for yourself just as you would care for friends and family.
You deserve it!


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