So, many of us are thinking about back-to-school, the beginning of fall, and more. How can we reorganize our schedules accordingly? 
Surely, we have to adjust with the seasons, and these seasons bring transitions of students going back to school, whether it be grade school or furthering their education, I recognize that parents are a part of it! 
So, in an effort to consider this, I would like to encourage you to take some time to take a step back and analyze your own personal goals. What is it, in the mix of all that is going on, that you would like to do? 
I’m such a cheerleader of what you would like to do. With that being said, I want to always take into consideration the life that you have to work around to make your own personal fitness a priority. I get it. Although I don’t have children (etc) of my own, I really do get having LIFE that impedes on what you may want to accomplish with your health/fitness/wellness.
In that space, I want to encourage you to examine and organize how you’d like to see your autumn happen. What is it that you want to accomplish? How can you accomplish it with the life that you’ve already got going on? It’s possible – we truly just have to find a way. And we can certainly do that. 
The beginning of the day is truly such a great time to get in what only you want to. Be it a run, a yoga session, a strength/weight training session, etc. What can we schedule .. could you get up a little earlier, etc .. to get in what you’re envisioning of getting in? Strength, endurance/running, etc? 
Think in the realm of possibilities. Versus being a victim of circumstance. We can ALWAYS control what we are experiencing as well as what we contribute. WHAT IS IT that you truly want to do? This is critical to know. You CAN do it, and you CAN DO IT ALL, if you properly plan for it!
And, if I can help, let me know! Reach out to me. 
Happy Labor Day Weekend to you!! 
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