Have you ever cooked fresh crabs before? You know, where you just caught them and they’re still alive and crawling around (not to be morbid here, but) and don’t want to be in a pot of boiling water?

Have you considered how you can change your eating habits? Have you wanted to swap to healthier solutions but haven’t seem to have been able to thus far?

Have you considered the possibility that you’ve tried too much or too hard too quickly?

See – the way you cook fresh crabs, is: put them in comfortably temperatured water and heat it slowly, so they don’t necessarily notice. Soon, the water is boiling, and in a short amount of time after that, you’re enjoying fresh crab.

The same concept can be applied to your nutrition and eating habits.

If you turn up the heat too quickly, you’ll jump right out – just like the live crabs. But .. if you take a more progressive and process-oriented approach by changing your habits and choices gradually, you’ll look back 6 months to a year from now and realize the progress you’ve made. It wasn’t made overnight – it was a daily progressive process!

Instead of overhauling ALL of your less-than-optimally-healthy habits in this one day, today, what small change could you make in the meantime towards the goals that you wish to work towards? How can you break it down into smaller, “bite-sized” (pun intended and not intended, haha) steps to accomplish your full creation of healthy eating habits?

What’s ONE THING you can do today? Reach out to me if you’d like to talk about it. I’m big on processes and taking STEPS towards your goal.

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