A very busy week last week between work and marathon training and other things personally caused me to pause Friday evening and reflect .. and then, to let it go. The week was over. A new one is coming. What will I do to renew my energy stores?

What do you do when you have an exceptionally long feeling week? How do you rejuvenate? What do you do to recover? How do you care for yourself so that you can begin the next week fresh and ready to do it again? What are the habits that you participate in that nourish you?

For me: I watched an uplifting movie, I ate a delicious meal that I love, I slept more, I prepared my body for my long run that I did this morning, and I spent good, quality time with people I love that also uplift me.
Interval training is an athletic concept to be applied here. Basically, you do work for a specified amount of time, and then rest and recover. Then, you do it again. Repeat.

Much of our life is just like this, a constant succession of action followed by recovery. How well we recover has an impact on how much energy we will have and how well we will perform for the next bout of action.

So, clearly – it’s important.

Maybe you don’t like to take time away from work. Maybe you’re always moving, always doing something for somebody, always working on something. Do you take the time to rest and recover yourself, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well?

Energy ebbs and flows. As much as we may always want to be on our A-Game, the reality is, that we all can only give the best of what we have available to us in a given day. And that changes from day to day.

So, while you read my messages that are all about getting up and going for it, I want to communicate also that there is a balance. Some of us need to establish the habit to get up and go DO, and some of us need to implement the habit of resting so that we can get up and go do again tomorrow.

How can you plan to recharge? What are things that nourish your spirit/soul and make you feel great? Is it being outdoors, spending time with family and friends you love and whom support you, is it physical exercise? What are habits you can schedule and implement to sustain your energy for the long haul?

May you enter the week feeling refreshed and ready for what it holds for you!
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