Happy Fall to you! Have you realized that we are only 8 weeks away from Thanksgiving, and that there are only 12 weeks until Christmas?


That means: cooler to colder weather, shorter days, and comfort food galore.


What does this time of year typically look like to you, in regards to your fitness and nutrition habits? Do you wish you would handle the holidays a little differently when it comes to your activity and nutrition?


That’s why we’re having this conversation. Start planning and implementing the habits to keep you on track with your health, fitness and wellness goals today, right now! They can carry you all the way through the new year!


What’s your plan? A major, critical part of achieving your goals and maintaining your motivation and diligence is planning. This means:
  • How many days of the week will you exercise?
  • What days are those?
  • What time(s) of the day will you exercise? Can you put it in your calendar now, so you don’t forget or just don’t do it?
  • What types of exercise will you participate in?
  • What is your general plan around your diet/nutrition – do you plan your meals? Do you have a prep day for the week? What’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
  • What types of meals do you really enjoy around the holidays? What are the healthier yet still satisfying alternatives that you can make and/or eat this year?


What will you do when the holiday parties come around? Are you planning to eat the goodies only in moderation, or only once in a while?


What about when it’s cold outside and you maybe don’t feel like going out to exercise – what is your backup plan? A gym facility perhaps, or a home workout?


What are the circumstances and situations that really get you off track with your goals?


Finally, and perhaps biggest of all: Why are you doing this? Why do you want to be healthy, fit, and well? What are the heart-pull reasons? Do you want to feel better, have more energy, be able to play with the kids more or be more present with family, friends, and work? Do you have a personal weight loss or size goal that would make you feel amazing?


I have a packet of a few of the key resources that I work through with my clients that I’d love to share with you for your own personal journey. They’re three worksheets that I have created. If you’d like to have a copy of the worksheets, send me an email (info@thewellpf.com) and let me know! They will help with your planning and prep for the holidays so that you can not only enjoy them without feeling guilty, but also set and stay on track with your health, fitness, and wellness goals!



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