Most of us want to show up to the best of our abilities in everything we do.


Even to the point of beating ourselves up if we perform at a level less than we thought we should or wish we would.


The reality is, our “A-Game” varies from day to day.


Some days, we feel great and we get everything done on our to-do list, including our exercise and the eating habits we planned beforehand.


Other days, we don’t get all of it in, but we still have “wins” to recognize in that day.


Allow me to encourage you to celebrate those wins.


Every win is substantial. And if you focus on the wins, 9 times of 10, it is way more effective motivationally to you. If you’re looking for sustainability and ongoing progress, then loo for the things that did go well today: situations you responded well to, things you planned that did work out and get done, and


Surely, there is still an element of inspection/evaluation that goes into the end of each day – what didn’t get done? Why? Could something have been done better?


But overall, I believe you’re trying your best on the given day that you have with its particular set of situations and circumstances.


If something didn’t go your way today, if you didn’t get that workout in that you promised yourself you would, or if you ate something that wasn’t necessarily taking you towards your health and fitness goals, start fresh tomorrow.


Each day gives you a fresh, new opportunity to win. And EVERY WIN COUNTS. So, count them! And build upon them 🙂


If I can help with this, reach out to me! If you have a question or a situation/circumstance that you’re having a challenge with, I would love to hear from you. I’m here to help you accomplish your health, fitness, and wellness desires! I’m not quite a genie, but I’m working on that .. 😉


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