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Ever since I created Richmond Wellness, my mission has been to teach what I’ve learned to my clients so that you know how to move your body, how often, and how to fuel it best. I’ve wanted to make it personally sustainable for you – so that one day, you won’t need me but for a resource to bounce questions off of.  

I’ve created a curriculum to do just that – to help you to create movement and eating habits that work for you and that empower you with a greater level of health and fitness. 
Truly, you’re about 90 days away from a radical life change. Whatever it is you’ve been dreaming of – more vibrancy and energy, easier movement in day-to-day life, a higher level of fitness and mobility, a sharper mind, greater creativity, and the confidence to not be concerned with how you look in public – no matter what you’re wearing. 
Realistically, the entire process of lifestyle change, done right, takes about a year. From there, you keep on growing, but you’ve got a lot of great habits in place that you’re feeling great about. 
If you invested a year of your life to figure out how to master yourself and your fitness in order to enjoy it the rest of your life, would it be worth it? Would it be worth the investment to give up countless hours, days, and weeks of fretting over the scale or tight-fitting clothes? 
I’m putting together an information session so that you can learn more about my curriculum and my process and explore whether it’s what you’d like to, and are ready, to do. I’ll be sharing a date and time soon. In the meantime, is this something of interest to you? If so, would you let me know? It will help me to propose a day and time to hold the session. The session will be $15 to attend and will last 90 minutes. You’ll leave with valuable information and some tools to get you started (or continued) on your own fitness journey. 
And remember: fitness isn’t just physical – it’s mental and spiritual as well! This curriculum will inspire you to dig a little deeper and really figure out what’s going on that’s been holding you back from the health and fitness you desire. 


Date: Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Cost: $15 per participant

RSVP or ask questions by emailing info@thewellpf.com!

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