Let’s talk about lifestyle change. The real stuff that lasts. And what really goes on in it.


You have a goal, and you really want to see it come to pass. Let’s say it’s weight loss, but it can be anything, really. It could be pursuing a promotion or a deeper more enriching family life. You know why – you’ve dug deep to find the real heartstring reasons why this is important to you. You’ve identified specific habit changes to take you there.


Chances are, those habit changes may look something like this (for weight loss): getting up a bit earlier to get exercise in, planning meals in advance and following that plan, skipping happy hour to get a workout in and go home to rest and eat healthy, and so forth.


Changes create chain reactions.


If you’re getting up a little earlier in the morning, you will probably have to go to bed a little earlier. You may have to miss a TV show you were enjoying. You could record it to tune in at another time that would work better for you.


Planning meals in advance will take an amount of time to do. Prepping those meals will, also. Executing and following that plan means saying “no” to spontaneous food outings that would wreck that plan.


Skipping happy hour for a workout is a double win in terms of a healthy body and growing your level of personal wellness, but it also means missing out on time to further develop relationships with coworkers or catch up with friends. Look for other ways that you can still connect with others if the relationships are important to you – suggest a group walk or workout, grab coffee instead of alcohol (just not the 500-calorie sugar-laden latte!) There are many other activities that can still foster relationships while not wrecking your progress.


Finally, when you are making lifestyle changes like this, the group of people at work or otherwise that you were associating with may not be supportive. In fact, it may make them uncomfortable. Then again, they may be supportive or may even join you in your efforts! You never know until you do it. But be aware and prepare that as you grow towards that which you want to see in your life, your group of associates may change, also. It’s not a personal thing, it is just how it goes. Don’t be upset if it happens, and don’t feel that you need to be any certain way for anyone. Even true friends may support you but not hang out with you as much anymore if you’re not, for example, going to happy hour with them after work, but rather, going for a walk, run or bike ride, or taking a class at the gym.


Prepare by seeking out new relationships. Ask questions about fitness to the healthy people around you. Seek out support. The more you can hang out with people that have the life/lifestyle that you desire for yourself, the more that it will stick into your own life.


If I can be a support to you and any changes you wish to see in your life in terms of your health, your fitness, and your overall wellness, please reach out to me. We are not islands! 🙂 We all need the support of others, especially when we are looking to accomplish changes and big things.


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