What does Elf on the Shelf have to do with your health, fitness, and wellness?

Did you have one of these guys when you were growing up? I did not, but I was relayed the story and concept of it the other day – Elf on the Shelf. If you weren’t exposed to it as a kid, I like to think of it as a parental genius move. Basically, the elf sees all. And he reports to Santa as to if you’ve been good or bad. Every kid wants Santa to know how good he/she has been so they get the toys they want for Christmas, right?

So, then we grow up and realize that Santa was only as real as we believed him to be. But what if we still had an elf that would hold us accountable to be “good,” or, in this example, to do the things that take us towards what we really want (versus what we want right now) and keep us from doing the things that take us away from what we really want?

Accountability is huge. If you have an idea of a goal such as increasing your fitness, improving your health and overall wellness, accountability can be the gel that really makes you stick to your guns. Someone who is going to check in and ask you if you did what you said you were going to do and if you did not do the things you said you were not going to do.

Who in your circle can be this accountability for you? Perhaps your significant other or another family member? What about a close friend? It can be anyone, but the result has to be this: they have to hold you to what you say you want and are going to do about it. Firm love can be difficult for some people. Choose wisely.

Can I help you stick to your health and fitness goals? Wherever you are, whether a newcomer to exercise and healthier eating, or a seasoned athlete – we all need accountability at times. As a holistic personal trainer, I work specifically with the goals and habits of each individual client to take them to where they want to go.

I’d be happy to have a conversation with you about it to see what I can do to help you stay on track and get to where you want to go! Reach out to me and let’s chat.

Talk with you soon!


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