How much we can miss the unhealthy/unhelpful autopilots in our lives if we do not look at what we do and why. So much suffering can come from it. Like, with that very thing – where does the work end? What defines our success? One can run ourselves into the ground. For what? Chasing after our worth, trying to obtain it, versus realizing it’s within us, inherent, right here, right now. Undiminishable.

Worth has to come from within. (And, it does). Otherwise, we will spend our lives – correction – we will waste our lives – trying to “get” it.

I am learning in a big way this very lesson and truth. My business success does not add to my worth .. my fit body does not add to my worth .. not my prettiness, not my learning, nor my intelligence, nor my kindness, nor even how many people I help or lives I touch.

We can increase the value we have available to share with the world, improving all of our experiences.

But our inherent value will not and cannot change.

I will share more thoughts on this.

Just wanted to be real with all of you.


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